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Member of the Month

Member of the Month:

Erwin Elementary School Believes……………..

  • That student behavior can be guided with well thought out procedures and routines that allow students to make choices knowing the consequences for those choices ahead of time while also being able to trust teachers will be consistent in carrying out those consequences.
  • That student achievement is obtained through high expectations for all students while guiding the students to exceed their potential through meaningful, differentiated instruction and practice.
  • That community and parent involvement should be based on what the school needs and desires.  They should be working as one with the school to provide the teachers and students with the support needed to achieve.
  • That open and honest communication between parents, teachers, administrators, and students is essential for maintaining responsibility and accountability.
  • That parents and guardians must actively participate in their student’s education to support and extend the learning and success of the student.
  • That giving feedback that is specific, constructive, and focuses on efforts is valuable in order to provide students with encouragement and obtainable goals.
  • That ALL students can learn and ALL students want to learn.  We believe it is our responsibility as facilitators to provide students with opportunities to become engaged around their zone of proximal development in order to experience personal success.
  • That teachers are models for how they wish for their classroom to operate.  We believe that teachers must create a positive environment that embraces respect, participation, and trust.
  • That teachers and staff utilize planning opportunities to reflect and alter short and long-range planning, as well as to analyze data and determine necessary changes in instruction for individual students.
  • That technology is utilized to improve instruction in all areas as well as to allow for student collaboration and global connections. 

We would like to thank them for their continued support of the EACC and our community!


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